Poultry feed supplemented with natural micronutrients for immunity and performance in poultry farming

Poultry feed rations supplemented with natural HOKOVIT micronutrient specialties improve performance in egg and meat producing poultry farming. More eggs in laying hens, shorter fattening periods in fattening poultry, improved animal health, lower treatment costs and optimized feed conversion are brought about thanks to the following effects on the poultry:

  • Better immune system: poultry feed supplemented with HOKOVIT micronutrient specialties already reverses the deficiency of immune substances in chicks. Birds are thus healthier, which in turn reduces medication and treatment costs for the owner.
  • Increased metabolic performance: HOKOVIT micronutrient specialties optimize feed conversion and support maximum performance potential. This is the key factor for successful poultry management.
  • Better digestibility: poultry feed supplemented with HOKOVIT micronutrient specialties is more easily digested and poultry droppings become more solid. Animals and eggs are cleaner.
    Less stress: animals in poultry farming are often exposed to significant stress, which directly affects performance and profitability. HOKOVIT micronutrients for poultry farming contain natural substances that minimize stress and negative responses to stress.

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