Healthier pet food with hokovit micronutrients

HOKOVIT develops micronutrient specialties as a supplement in cat and dog feed. These specialties are designed for professional sports and show animals, as well as for persona companion animals.

Used as a supplement in feed, DOG GUARD or CAT GUARD strengthens the immune system, support digestion, reduces the negative responses to stress and improves vitality and health. This lets owners enjoy their four-legged friends, whether in sports or leisure.

Horse feed supplemented with hokovit micronutrients

Used as a horse feed supplement, HOKOVIT micronutrients help the horse owner and horse expert master the challenges of horse nutrition. Foals and horses require a lot of exercise and very well-thought-out feeding so that digestive disorders and allergies can be avoided.

Our micronutrient products for horses strengthen the immune system, prevent digestive disorders and improve overall metabolism. This enhances animal health and performance.

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