Myex consists of a combination of absorbent and active substances that lessen the negative impacts of mycotoxins in feed and help reduce the burden on animals’ organs, thus contributing to better performance.

MYEX contains the following ingredients, which, either alone or in combination, contribute to the four effects listed above:

Reduces toxin absorption

  • NUTRIMIN: This is a special clinoptilolite with a very high detoxification potential, thanks to its molecular structure. Nutrimin absorbs mycotoxins and their cleavage products as well as ammonium and other liver-damaging substances.

  • ALUMINOSILICATES: Their large absorption capacity and broad reaction spectrum make aluminum silicates an unavoidable component of MYEX.

  • YEAST EXTRACTS: Some yeast extracts have specific absorption properties to bind mycotoxins by complex formation.

Supports detoxification through the liver

  • YEAST EXTRACTS: In addition to their excellent properties as complex-forming substances, yeast extracts act as alarm substances that trigger the animal’s own detoxification system. This significantly increases the amount of detoxification enzymes in the endoplasmic reticulum and liver.

Supports an animal’s own liver protection system

  • VITAMIN E and a-TOCOPHEROLS: The detoxification process results in the release of toxic components, which can lead to free radicals that are harmful to health. With a sufficient supply of vitamin E, these radicals are bound, thus relieving the liver.

Improves an animal’s immune response

  • YEAST EXTRACTS and Vitamin E: Despite the protective barriers mentioned above, some toxins have the capacity to weaken the immune system. Yeast extracts and vitamin E counteract this by stimulating the immune response of the major organs.