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Aquaculture Guard in fish feed: for a better cost/benefit ratio

AQUACULTURE GUARD is a natural micronutrient added to crustacean and fish feeds as a supplement to boost animal immunity and performance as well as cost efficiency in fish production:

  • Strengthened immune system: fish feed supplemented with HOKOVIT micronutrients strengthens the fishes’ natural immune system. As a result, they can withstand increased disease pressure under production conditions.
  • Higher growth and lower mortality through better health: widespread diseases are one of the main problems in fish production facilities. The micronutrients in AQUACULTURE GUARD keep the fishes’ own defense system at a high level and improve their resistance to various pathogens.
  • Better digestion: feeding changes often have a detrimental effect on the performance of fish and crustaceans. AQUACULTURE GUARD regulates digestion in a way that minimizes this influence.
  • Better feed conversion: the positive influence of AQUACULTURE GUARD on metabolism increases the efficiency of the fish feed.

Aquaculture Guard ingredients for better immunity and performance:

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion and stimulates the immune system.

  • Branched chain polypeptides, bioactive amino acids, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids: improve metabolism and reduce the negative impacts of responses to stress of the animals.