Better immunity in rearing calves thanks to Calvicol Premium Colostrum

Rearing calves in dairy cow production develop better with optimal immunization.

Our IBR-free premium cow colostrum CALVICOL provides rearing calves with better immunization. Since high-performance cows produce a diluted colostrum, this product helps a newborn calf receive more immune substances.

CALVICOL improves both passive immunity transfer to rearing calves and local immunity. Thus, it reduces susceptibility to pathogens and improves an animal’s health condition.

The result is a calf that is ready to become a good rearing heifer and a high-performance cow later on.

For more information on rearing calves in dairy cow production, please see our micronized vitamin product HOKOSTAR and our micronutrient specialty CALVISTART used as a supplement in milk substitute and concentrated feed.

Dose per calf:

Calves with cow’s colostrum