Meeting the immunity, energy and iron requirements of newborn piglets with COLOVIT

Better piglet immunity and metabolic performance thanks to colovit, the orally administered all-in-one product.

COLOVIT is a liquid micronutrient product administered orally right after birth to help piglets grow quickly from the start:

Strengthens the immune system of newborn piglets. Sow colostrum occurs in a lower quality and quantity in modern intensive pig farming. COLOVIT meets the immunity requirement as it contains premium colostrum and other colostral protective substances.
Piglet metabolic performance is improved through COLOVIT’s micronized vitamins and concentrated energy content. The micronized vitamins penetrate directly into the lymphatic system via the mucous membranes in the mouth, esophagus and stomach. This patented manufacturing process allows these vitamins to bypass the liver, increasing the vitamin absorption rate and minimizing vitamin loss.
Balanced iron supply to piglets right after birth. No dangerous infections due to needle pricks. Injections in very young piglets are painful and increase stress among the animals.
COLOVIT’s oral administration means iron injections can be postponed until the eighth day of life or, with good management, can be dispensed with completely.

Thanks to improved digestion, feed intake is increased. COLOVIT stimulates the intestinal flora, which improves digestion.

Colovit ingredients for piglet immunization and performance:

  • Premium colostrum: increases passive immune transfer and boosts local immunity.

  • Highly available iron: covers iron requirements.

  • Micronized vitamins: rapidly effective vitamin supply through immediate absorption.

  • Lactic acid bacteria: improve digestion.

  • Herbs and plant extracts: increase appetite and vitality in piglets.

  • Glucose: provides piglets with highly available, concentrated energy.

Dosage for better piglet immunization:

Piglets with normal birth weight
on the 1st/2nd day of life
Piglets with low birth weight
on the 1st day of life
Piglets with low birth weight
on the 8th day of life