More milk from the feed: the right strategy with dairy protect micronutrient added to a cow’s ration

Milk yield noticeably increases when immunity-building and performance-enhancing natural micronutrients are added to a cow’s ration.

Developed to increase milk yield on dairy farms, DAIRY PRO is a sophisticated micronutrient specialty as a supplement for a cow’s ration.

DAIRY PROTECT as a supplement in a cow’s ration influences the animal’s body in the following wa

  • Higher milk yield is achieved by influencing metabolism through natural supplements. DAIRY PROTECT micronutrients improve feed conversion, thereby increasing milk yields from the feed ration.
  • Milk cow ration supplemented with DAIRY PROTECT supports the desired rumen flora and stimulates the growth and development of the rumen villi. As a result, the cow is ready to take in more feed and digest it better, leading to a higher milk yield.

Dairy Protect ingredients increase the milk yield on dairy farms:

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion and stimulates the immune system.
  • NUTRIMIN: A special clinoptilolite-rich raw material to detoxify organs and absorb mycotoxins.

Per cow per day, during the whole year: