Dog feed supplemented with Dog Guard micronutrients for immunity and performance in dogs

Proper dog nutrition is important for better animal health, longevity and increased metabolic performance. DOG GUARD is the best supplement in dog feed rations to boost the immune system, regulate the digestive system as well as reduce negative responses to stress.

Used as a supplement in dog feed, DOG GUARD brings the following benefits:

  • Better immunity: thanks to the immunity-building substances in DOG GUARD, we support an animal’s own immune system. This affords better resistance to pathogens.
  • Better digestion: dog feed supplemented with DOG GUARD ensures optimal digestion. DOG GUARD contains specific micronutrients such as yeast and plant extracts that positively influence the digestive system and enrich the dog feed.
  • High-performance dog feed: this micronutrient specialty optimizes metabolism. This is especially interesting for animals that are required to perform (competition, show and hunting dogs).

Dog Guard ingredients for better immunity and performance:

  • Branched chain polypeptides, bioactive amino acids, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids: improve metabolic performance and reduce the effects of negative responses to stress.

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion and stimulates the immune system.

  • Herbal and plant extracts: support an animal’s own enzyme production, thus improving health.