Hokosan E for more vitality in pets and horses

Micronized vitamins for more vitality and better performance in pets and horses

HOKOSAN E consists of an emulsion of micronized vitamins. It is administered orally and increases vitality in all animals.

  • The micronized vitamins in HOKOSAN E are packed in ultra-small oil globules that bypass the liver and are released into the bloodstream directly through the oral mucosa, esophagus and stomach.
  • The vitamins are released into the bloodstream in 15 minutes. Their full effect can be realized here.
  • Weak and sick animals recover more quickly thanks to increased vitality and appetite.
  • Used in high-performance animals such as show jumpers, sports dogs and show animals, HOKOSAN E affords energy and shortens the recovery time after competition.
  • Pets suffer from stress sometimes

Hokosan e ingredients:

  • Emulsified vitamins (produced using special HOKOVIT process).