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Rapid vitalization of calves through micronized vitamins

Micronized vitamins for more vitality in rearing calves

HOKOSTAR consists of an emulsion of micronized vitamins. To increase vitality and appetite, it is added to the rearing calves’ milk substitute or administered orally.

  • The vitamins in HOKOSTAR are micronized through a special technical process and are released into the lymphatic system directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth, esophagus and stomach. This patented manufacturing process allows these vitamins to bypass the liver, minimizing vitamin loss.
  • With HOKOSTAR, the vitamins are released into the bloodstream in 15 minutes. Their full effect can be realized here.
  • These micronized vitamins are the best way to meet the needs of newborn calves and the short-term energy requirements of animals that have been transported long distances.
  • Balanced supply of electrolytes. Reverses iron deficiency.

Hokostar ingredients for increased vitality

  • Emulsified HOKOSAN vitamins (special HOKOVIT process).
  • Electrolytes
  • Iron chelate

Dosage per calf:

For calves in times of increased need (after stabling, birth, transportation, illness): One-off 100 – 250 ml