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Lamb rearing and lamb fattening with lamb guard micronutrients in the lamb feed

Lamb rearing and fattening is all about immunity, performance, digestion, consuming less medication and reducing the number of mortalities and animals requiring special care

Lamb feed supplemented with LAMB GUARD helps rearing lambs reach their full growth capacity. This is because defenses are strengthened by the immunity-enhancing ingredients, metabolic functions are optimized and digestion is controlled. LAMB GUARD as a supplement to lamb feed has the following mechanisms of action:

  • Stimulates digestion: to optimally support growth performance, the lamb feed needs to be digested as well as possible. Micronutrients in LAMB GUARD stimulate the development of the desired gastrointestinal flora. This increases the intake of lamb feed, the feed is better digested and daily weight gains are increased.
  • Supports metabolic functions: lamb feed supplemented with LAMB GUARD micronutrients stimulates metabolic functions and growth. The results are improved feed conversion and higher daily gains in the animals.
  • Stimulates immune systems: lamb feed supplemented with micronutrients boosts immunity as it contains colostrum protection factors and other substances that stimulate the immune response.
  • Reduces treatment costs: because the immune response is improved, the animals can better withstand disease pressure. This reduces treatment costs. If treatment is still necessary, response to it is much better.

Lamb guard ingredients for high performance in lamb fattening:

  • Premium colostrum: boosts the animals’ local defenses.

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion in lambs and kids and stimulates the immune system.

  • Branched-chain polypeptides, bioactive amino acids, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids: improve metabolic performance and reduce the effects of negative responses to stress.

  • Amino acid chelates: reduce the burden on the body, prevent unwanted bacterial growth in the digestive tract and are three to four times more effective than ordinary trace elements.

  • Herbal and plant extracts: support an animal’s own enzyme production, thereby improving health.

Dosage in lamb feed:

  • Mix into lamb fattening feed
  • Dosage in accordance with feeding system and feeding plan