High performance in cattle nutrition: one of the key factors for the best beef.

Better gains and feed conversion in cattle nutrition: micronutrients increase efficiency and profitability.

OPTIBEEF, a highly efficient, natural micronutrient blend, can benefit cattle farms. Mixed into cattle fattening feed, maximum growth rates and best feed conversion are achieved for feeding animals of 150 kg live weight and above. OPTIBEEF improves metabolic performance, stimulates the immune system, controls digestion and is thus partly responsible for producing the best beef in a way that is efficient, sustainable, resource-saving and profitable.

OPTIBEEF improves animal performance thanks to the following effects in the body:

  • Better digestion: digestion runs in an orderly fashion in fattening cattle. This allows farmers to provide highly concentrated feed from day one. It is no longer necessary to allow transition periods with easily digestible, low-concentration feeds to prevent digestive disorders.
  • The improved digestibility reduces the nutrient concentration in excrement. As a result, the fattening cattle breathe healthier air in the stalls.
  • Higher metabolic performance in fattening cattle: OPTIBEEF is a natural growth promoter that optimizes feed conversion and increases daily gain.
  • Stronger immune system: OPTIBEEF contains immunity-enhancing ingredients that have a direct positive impact on animal health. This strengthens the defense response to pathogens and significantly reduces treatment costs.
  • Best beef quality: the optimal influence on the growth and development improves carcass quality.

Optibeef ingredients for high performance in fattening cattle:

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion and the immune system.

  • Branched chain polypeptides, bioactive amino acids, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids: improve metabolic performance and reduce the effects of negative responses to stress.

  • NUTRIMIN: A special clinoptilolite-rich raw material to detoxify organs and absorb mycotoxins.

Cattle fattening feed supplement:

OPTIBEEF GDF for admixture to concentrated cattle feed to silage:
OPTIBEEF TMR for admixture to the TMR ration:
per animal and day per 100 kg of body weight or on average 50 g per animal and day