Pig health and good fattening performance thanks to Pork Guard

Optimal feed conversion thanks to supplementing pig fattening feed with Pork Guard.

The main goals in fattening pig farming are optimal feed conversion, high daily gains and healthy pigs. PORK GUARD influences the immune system and metabolism, while regulating digestion and responses to stress. All these factors have a direct impact on profitability. This is because PORK GUARD improves feed conversion, increases gain, reduces treatment costs and improves meat quality.

Improved pig health: PORK GUARD influences the immune system in such a way that pigs are stimulated to activate their defense mechanism against pathogens.

This direct influence on digestion improves feed conversion, as the gastrointestinal flora is active at all times, maximizing feed intake.

Stress, excessively high stocking density, the environment, treatments and suboptimal feeding cause severe deterioration in pig performance and feed conversion. As a result, animals are not able to reach their full growth potential. PORK GUARD contains micronutrients that minimize this negative stress in the animals. Therefore, fattening performance and health remain intact.

Pork Guard ingredients for better fattening performance:

  • Herbal and plant extracts: support an animal’s own enzyme production, thereby improving health and performance.
  • NUTRIMIN: A special clinoptilolite-rich raw material to detoxify organs and absorb mycotoxins.


Mix into fattening pig feed
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