Calves with prosan micronutrients in milk and milk substitute

The feeding phase in calves is all about immunity, performance, digestion, consuming less medication and reducing the number of mortalities and animals requiring special care.

Milk and milk substitute supplemented with PROSAN helps calves stay healthy and reach their full growth capacity. This is because their defenses are strengthened by the immunity-enhancing ingredients, metabolic functions are optimized and digestion is controlled. As a supplement to milk and milk substitute, PROSAN has the following mechanisms of action:

  • Stimulates digestion: to optimally support growth performance, the milk needs to be digested as well as possible. Micronutrients in PROSAN stimulate the development of the immune system. This supports health and performance.
  • The admixture of PROSAN to milk and milk substitute results in healthier and happier calves, starting from birth.
  • PROSAN contains protective factors and natural active ingredients that stimulate the immune response.
  • Reduces treatment costs: because immunity is improved, animals can better withstand disease pressure. As a result, treatment costs are reduced and there are fewer mortalities and animals requiring special care. If treatment is still necessary, an animal’s response to it is much better.

Prosan ingredients for maximum health and high performance in rearing calves:

  • Combination of various yeast extracts, specific fatty acids and oligosaccharides: improves digestion and stimulates the immune system.

  • Herbal and plant extracts: support an animal’s own enzyme production and have an antibacterial effect. Thus, they improve the calves’ health.

Supplement for milk and milk substitute:

Admixture to cow’s milk:
per 1 liter of cow’s milk
Admixture to milk substitute