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Veal calf milk rations supplemented with vealpro micronutrients

Immunity, performance, digestion and reduction of medication costs in veal calves

The addition of VEALPRO micronutrient specialty to veal calf rations supports animal performance by strengthening the immune system, optimizing metabolism and regulating digestion. VEALPRO works in milk substitute and concentrated feed for veal calves as follows:

  • Stimulates digestion in veal calves: for veal calves to reach their full growth potential, feed has to be optimally digested and absorbed. VEALPRO micronutrients stimulate the growth of gastrointestinal flora.
  • Supports metabolism: VEALPRO micronutrients stimulate metabolism and growth. This is illustrated by better feed conversion and higher daily gains in the animals.
  • Strengthens the immune system: VEALPRO contains immunity-stimulating substances. Therefore, when VEALPRO micronutrients are used as a supplement in milk substitute and concentrated feeds for veal calves, their defense systems develop and their immune response is supported.
  • Reduces treatment costs: since the immune response is improved, calves are better equipped to resist disease pressure. This reduces treatment costs, and results in fewer mortalities and animals requiring special care. If treatment is still necessary, the animals’ response is much better and they recover much more quickly.

Vealpro ingredients for top performance in veal calves:

  • Combination of various yeast extracts: improves digestion and stimulates the immune system.

  • Branched chain polypeptides, bioactive amino acids, peptides and polyunsaturated fatty acids: improve metabolic performance and reduce the effects of negative responses to stress.

Veal calf feed supplements:

  • Admixture to cow’s milk, milk substitute, concentrated calf feed.
  • Dosage in accordance with feeding system and feeding plan