History of Hofmann Nutrition AG

Jürg Hofmann, President of the Management Board
Alexander Hofmann, CEO / Managing Director


  • Hans Ulrich Hofmann sole proprietorship is founded


  • Calf milk and vitamin preparations produced and sold under the name HOKOVIT (HOFMANN – CONCENTRATES – VITAMINS).


  • Rapid changes and strong regulation of agriculture in Switzerland at this time led to consolidation and economically difficult times for the young company.

  • Start of trout feed production.

  • Production expanded to Germany. Acquisition of the former Jülich mill in Kleve am Niederrhein, Germany. The mill is completely destroyed by fire some years later, ending production at this location.

  • A second generation enters the business: sons Markus and Jürg Hofmann. Search for new portfolio activities. Expansion of production and manufacture of feed for sport and recreational animals, horses, dogs.


  • Jürg Hofmann takes the initiative to develop what was then a Swiss specialty feed mill into what is now a global animal nutrition company.

  • Markus Hofmann expands the trout feed business in Switzerland to a market share of 80%.

  • Reading the signs of the times, Jürg Hofmann develops the first natural HOKOVIT MICRONUTRIENTS to improve animal health and breeding and fattening performance with fewer antibiotics, medicines and “chemicals in the feed”.

  • Switzerland’s first antibiotic-free and species-appropriate pigs are produced for BELL. The sale of the meat as the first branded meat at COOP Switzerland under the name BELL PORC is so successful that production is rapidly expanded and competitors follow suit. This pioneering achievement by HOKOVIT continues to set standards for the meat brands that are produced and sold on a large scale today.

  • HOMEXAN, the first natural HOKOVIT micronutrient, is presented by Jürg Hofmann at the Royal Show in Birmingham. The first exports to England follow.


  • Company founder Hans Ulrich Hofmann dies following a long illness and the business is taken over by sons Jürg and Markus.

  • The company grows qualitatively and exports of immunity and performance-enhancing HOKVOVIT micronutrient are expanded to other countries and continents.

  • Jürg Hofmann “reinvents beef”, producing and selling it under his own protected brand name QUALIVO.

  • Production and sale of QUALIVO meat is expanded to Germany. Qualivo Deutschland GmbH is founded.


  • Markus Hofmann dies tragically at age 51. All business shares are taken over by Jürg Hofmann.

  • All current quality management and production certifications are developed and implemented.

  • The first and only Swiss organic trout feed is developed and launched on the market in collaboration with BIO SUISSE. The organic trout is now sold very successfully in Switzerland.

  • Exports of HOKOVIT micronutrients for natural improvement of animal health and performance are further expanded. The nutritional use of feed antibiotics is now banned in Europe.

  • The sales and consulting services of the HOKOVIT-AGRAR SWISS department are focused on unique special feeds with exclusive HOKOVIT micronutrients, combined with feeding strategies for high and sustainable customer benefits developed in-house. Examples include the HOKOVIT SUPER HEIFER METHOD.

  • Start of HOKOVIT GENETICS: Breeding and development of Holstein dairy cows at the highest level: Leading in Feeding and Breeding.

  • Jürg Hofmann’s son Alexander joins the company as Junior Partner and a third generation.

2010 onwards

  • Construction of an extruder feed plant for the production of fish and pet food with manufacturing and storage buildings in Bützberg.

  • New activities and production facilities developed through the extruder plant by Alexander Hofmann: koi food, ornamental fish feed.

  • HOKOVIT micronutrient range perfected and HOKOVIT feeding, breeding and fattening strategies launched on foreign markets.

  • Production and sale of QUALIVO branded meat expanded in Switzerland and abroad. Licenses granted for the production and sale of QUALIVO meat to the Czech Republic/Slovakia and Russia.

2015 onwards

  • A company holding is established with Jürg and Alexander Hofmann as owners.
  • Alexander Hofmann is appointed CEO and takes over the management of Hofmann Nutrition AG.

2020 onwards

  • By introducing the innovative CONCEPT DAIRY PRO for dairy farmers, Hofmann Nutrition AG opens a whole new chapter in milk production in Switzerland. Unprecedented leaps in performance, improvements in efficiency and profitability, as well as animal health are achieved at participating farms through sound, scientific advice and sophisticated feeding strategies.