Micronutrition supplementary feed for horses


In almost every elite sport, nutrition has taken on an increasingly central role over the past 20 to 30 years. Today, experts agree: training alone is not effective. Ultimately, only a combination of performance-oriented training, optimal nutrient supply and supplements suffices for the making of champions. This applies to humans and animals alike. Now, imagine that you feed your horse as before, adding just 100 grams of Tebbel N°1 Micronutrition as a supplement to the feed every day. After just a few weeks, your horse will be able to show increased performance when it needs to be agile and ready to perform, but will be calmer and more balanced when at rest. It may sound paradoxical at first, but this is precisely what happens wherever micronutrition is used in the professional arena.

Try Tebbel N°1 and leverage another important building block for your success in high-performance and recreational sports in addition to your daily training.

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