Goat, lamb and sheep feed supplemented with high-performance micronutrients

Supplemented with HOKOVIT micronutrients, sheep feed, as well as goat and lamb fattening feeds enable better rearing, fattening and milking performance in small ruminant farming. These micronutrients boost the immune system, increase the performance of sheep, lambs and goats, stimulate the digestive system and reduce the animals’ negative responses to stress.

As a supplement in lamb, goat and sheep feeds, our natural micronutrient specialties enhance profitability thanks to the following:

  • Mother goat and ewe feed supplemented with our natural micronutrients strengthens immune systems. This immunity is passed on from the dams to the newborn kids and lambs.
  • In lamb fattening, HOKOVIT micronutrients support growth and optimize lamb feed conversion, as the micronutrients have a direct influence on animal metabolism.
  • Our micronutrients stimulate the growth of the desired rumen flora, support digestion and reduce diarrhea. As a result, the animals consume more feed and grow more quickly.
  • The impact of micronutrients on immunity, metabolism and digestion improves the animals’ health condition to such an extent that treatment costs are drastically reduced.
  • Better lamb and goat meat quality and higher carcass yield. Our micronutrients in lamb feed and kid feed develop and support the body in every respect (immunity, metabolism, digestion, stress reaction). As a result, producers can achieve higher gains and better meat quality.

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