Veal calves: immunity and performance with hokovit micronutrients

We develop micronutrient products for calf fattening to improve immunity and performance in veal calves.

HOKOVIT micronutrient specialties contain natural substances such as yeast extracts, branched-chain polypeptides, bio-active amino acids and micronized vitamins, which improve immunity, health and performance.

The following mechanisms operate in the body:

  • When a veal calf arrives at the fattening farm, the animal is orally administered micronized vitamins in the form of HOKOSTAR. This reverses the short-term energy, iron and vitamin deficiencies after transportation and stimulates the desire to eat. The positive effects of the micronized vitamins in HOKOSTAR are visible fifteen minutes after administration.
  • Thanks to their positive influence on metabolism, micronutrients as a supplement in the milk substitute-based veal calf ration supports optimal growth of the animals. This is visible in higher daily weight gain and improved feed conversion.
  • HOKOVIT micronutrients as a supplement in the milk substitute for veal calves strengthen the immune system which improves defenses against pathogens and drastically reduces medication costs. Calves recover much more quickly after treatments.
  • The micronutrients ensure optimal gastrointestinal flora, support the development of the digestive system and stimulate digestive processes.

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