Cattle fattening feed supplemented with micronutrients for better performance

Our company develops supplementary feeds based on micronutrients for cattle feed. Our feed specialties are designed to boost the immune system, increase rearing and fattening performance, stimulate the digestive system and reduce negative responses to stress in animals.

As a supplement in cattle fattening feed or milk substitute or administered orally, our natural micronutrient specialties improve performance and increase profit:

  • Cattle fattening feed supplemented with natural micronutrients increases immunity. As a result, animals are healthier and achieve optimal growth.
  • The micronutrients boost the metabolism and enable maximum performance. Feed conversion and daily gains are optimized by the micronutrients.
  • In rearing calves, the micronutrients stimulate the development of the rumen villi and rumen, support digestion and metabolism and have a positive effect against diarrhea. As a result, the young calves absorb more feed and grow more quickly.
  • The higher feed intake reduces the amount of milk substitute consumed per calf, thus increasing the cost efficiency of calf rearing.
  • There is no need to administer specially digestible cattle fattening feed to prevent digestive disorders. The natural HOKOVIT micronutrients control digestion. Thus, the micronutrients can be ingested by the animals from day one without causing flatulence or other digestive problems.
  • The impact of micronutrients on immunity, metabolism and digestion improves the animals’ health condition to such an extent that treatment costs are drastically reduced.
  • Better meat quality and higher carcass yield. Used in cattle fattening feed, our micronutrients develop and support the animals in every respect (immunity, metabolism, digestion, stress reaction). As a result, farmers achieve higher gains and better meat quality. (To learn more, please also visit our premium branded meat label QUALIVO).

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